Why I am bullish on NFTs and the Proton Chain (XPR) by Mr. Frankie

Why I am bullish on NFTs and the Proton Chain (XPR) by Mr. Frankie November 14th, 2021


I am not one to mince words so I will go straight to the point.

In June 2017, Crypto-Punks were initially given away FREE to anyone with an Ethereum wallet who wanted one; it was released in June of 2017 as one of the first non-fungible tokens (NFT) on the Ethereum blockchain. The project was developed by American studio Larva Labs, a two-person team consisting of Canadian software developers Matt Hall and John Watkinson” (1)

In January 2017, the price of Ethereum was around $7. Are you with me so far, so in 2017, one Crypto Punk was free and one Ethereum was around $7. Fast forward to today and Ethereum is kissing its all-time high “After dropping as low as $4,580 on Sunday, Ethereum rocketed to $4,767.55 Monday” (3)

As of the time of this writing, the cheapest CryptoPunk is listed at $374.25K. (4). Now you do the maths on which has performed better. 

Bringing it all in, since the Proton-Chain makes minting gasless, (No gas fees) the NFT marketplace has developed considerably well. Notable works such as the CrypFennecs, Proton Skulls, Kia Spirit, and a host of rising stars such as the Proton Cocks, an unusual take on NFTs and the Proton Bots, which as of the time of this writing, have shaken up the space and of course LYNXY the Proton Lynx which is offering people a doorway to experience the NFT market at a juicy entry point.

Take advantage of this momentum. Now is the time. You do not have to understand it. Whether you do or not, like it or not, think it is art or not, NFT is here to stay and it is the future of art. “This branch of artistry is finally being respected in its own right” (5)

This is definitely no financial advice and many NFTs will fail just as many Cryptos will. However, one good NFT buy could bring a good smile to your face and help you forget all the trash you accumulated.


Mr. Frankie is the creator of Proton Chimps. An ambitious NFT project in the Proton ecosystem. Check it out at https://protonmint.com/531513514231


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