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Which Domain Name will you use?

I am in a kind of dilemma. I have three  likely domain names for a pet classifieds website. The problem is that I have to set up one of them as a pet classifieds site. Since I do not have the .com for the most likely term searched, which of the following domains will  you use if you were me  and why?

Please note that the industry leader on pet classifieds in google is currently a dot US!

So here are my options:

Candidate 1.) PetClassified (Dot) net

Candidate 2.) PetClassifeds (Dot) org

Candidate 3.) PetClassifiedAds (Dot) com

The most searched term is “Pet Classifieds”

I already have the best possible classifieds software installed at the back end of one of them since a year ago but never activated it.  I will switch if the vote is overwhelmingly against my original pick.

Thanks for your time and opinions.

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