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What will happen to your domains when you die?

Ever wonder how a great one worder ends up on the delete list and finally in auction? Sometimes the owners are not stupid or too broke to renew it, they probably just can’t. They are probably dead and no one even knows that they owned such a domain or that they even owned domains at all.

By now every breathing person who owns a TV or a radio and hopefully speaks English, already knows about the passing of “King of Pop” at the age of 50. Events like this somehow reminds one of his own mortality. Death is a future tense. It is going to happen but we just do not know when. This topic has already been beaten to death but the fact still remains that a good majority of domainers need to tidy there affairs.

There is always the basic option of putting things down in a will, however at the foot of this post, you will find  links to some websites that can send email to your next of kin after you kick the bucket. This email can be anything but having it email details of your domaining empire to your next of kin is the goal of this blog post.  You could have a list of the domains and where they are then with a note to where the passwords can be found at home if you do not want to keep that online with the message.

You can become creative and even give suggestions and advice on market values of your domains, names to keep or names to drop based on certain points you establish.,, and

I am not affiliated in anyway to any of the sites listed above. There links have been provided here as a coutesy to my readers.

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  • Mick McGee says:

    Thanks for those comments. I think i might have a direction to head for with one or two of my domains names thanks to your thoughts. I was wondering what to do with and Maybe they are worth something developed.

  • Great infos but to be honest me too like many here, own a portfolio of valuable domains but didn’t give or write login and password to my relative in case of death simply because they don’t know what domains are, where to sell, what price, how to renew….. This is my business as far as I’m alive and if something sad happens, I won’t care loosing it all, you won’t take it in paradise! Now there is exeption it’s when you have a domain name you bought for $xxxxxx+ amount, I call this asset, you better have all infos about it and write in a letter.

  • Patrick McDermott says:


    I have seen this topic written about several times before but like leaving a Will you really can never get enough reminders until you actually follow through.

    I must say I was particularly intrigued by those resources you listed.

    I didn’t know these services existed and the other articles written about this topic that I have read did not offer up anything like them.

    Considering modern technology and how easy it is to create your own videos, it might also be a good idea to create a video and include all the relevant info about your domaining business.

    Then keep that video along with other important documents in your safety deposit box.

    Thanks for the reminder.

  • Recent sad experience has let me know that you do not put things for your executor in your safety deposit box. Especially the will, since the box can not be opened without it! Make sure your executor is always up to date on your wishes on handling your assets, like your domains and sites.

  • I’ve dealt with my mother passing and dealing with her estate. I can definitely say that a will can be very complex, especially when you have emotions involved. In my case we had a safety deposit box and it turned out for the better. As far as domains are concerned I would definitely say to include some sort of personalized video explaining the worth of such a domain portfolio along with the places to perhaps sell them.

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