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What is wrong with the rest of the world?

Have you ever wondered if  it is just you or the rest of the world does not get it? Have you ever told someone the url of a site. Let us use for example. Why will the person go home and type into Google? What is your browser for?

If you already know the place you are going to? Why do you need directions? This is like using GPS to go to your best buddies house. A route you are very familiar with.

Now 80 percent will type in the whole url in Google  as “” while some will just go and google “PetHall”.

Now it really sucks to be you if you are the owner of PetHall and when your name is googled, you are not #1

I have a .comsite  each time it is googled, Google  asks the googler if they mean this site is a .com!

It is amazing how little main street knows about simple browsing. Do you have similar experiences or stories?


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  • I totally Agree with you – This is one of my PET HATES!

    Why do people search a full adress that they already know!


    Shows so many people still need to be educated on domains.



  • Scott says:

    Most of the people I work with, who are in no way tech-ignorant, still insist on typing the url into the search engine and not the browser bar.

    Also, small word of advice: I would scratch the center alignment :)

  • Patrick McDermott says:

    “Why will the person go home and type into Google?”


    There are reasons why someone will go to a search engine to type in a URL.

    I do it all the time for if the URL is new to me and I want to research the company.

    By going to a SE instead of the address bar you can see what else is there regarding the particular company you’re interested in.

    The very first time I got on the internet I went to an Internet Cafe to research a Business Opportunity.

    If I went directly to the site all I would find is whatever the company wanted me to see.

    Somehow I knew to go to Google and I typed in the company

    To my surprise one of the first links that came up was a site and other complaint sites.

    This led me to so many other sites that my eyes were wide opened to the incredible possibilities of the Internet.

    I stayed online 12 hours that day.

    I still often go to Google when I’m checking out a company.

    Companies that I already know are either bookmarked
    or I will go direct.

    Frankie, you are offering a service with

    If I didn’t know your blog and was interested in your service you can bet I’d go to Google and type in DNOptimizers and see what comes up.

    If there are complaints I’ll know to be wary.

    If I find positive comments then I would feel comfortable
    using your service.


  • @ Scott,
    The centering was not intentional. Must have happened when I inserted the logo. I have fixed it now.

    Comprende, but this post was not directed to the category of people you just described. The people I am talking about just use Google like a browser not the way you just mentioned. Sometimes when I want to find out info about a site but usually after I have actualy gone to the site i Google it but I do not use Google as GPS.

  • belshass says:


    that’s why I gave the world

    just need to educate people to use it ;)

    belated Happy New Year,


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