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Yes we heard you loud and clear. We have decided to change the name of our bid for contract website from which got little love to which shows a lot of potential.
From day one, almost every domainer complained about the name, for non domainers, I always had to explain the story behind which I thought was a pretty cool story.
In the end this will go into history as one of my worst branding efforts yet.
The fact is after all the complaints and suggestions from well meaning friends and readers of my blog, I had to sit down and do a little thinking. The only site I ever paid adwords for is a non dotcom. I really  do not want to go that route again. Do not get me wrong, I will advertise but this time for a different reason.

Aside from the fact that the name itself even for a dotcom was just not good enough, I still say where is the love? where were all the dotMe people when I needed them. I had thought wrong that being one of the few dotMe sites out there, it will be notoriously popular. Anyway that is history now.

Behold the new

The Mariam Websters Dictionary defines Optimizer as  “to make as perfect, effective, or functional as possible

So if you want to make your domain work for you, We have the contractors and freelancers to do it there

If you want to write a new code for a program
If you want to redesign your site
If you want a new site built from scratch
If you want a new minisite, built and optimized
If you want a new logo, If you want a better logo
If you want Content writers
If you want Tech Writers

What ever demands  issues life  brings your way on  your quest for perfection online, is there for you. DNoptimizers specializes on content , minisites, web development  and the general everyday challenges of a domainer.

The way it works is simple.

Lets say you have a project you want done. You want the best job and yet you want the best deal. You go to and you  register, post your bid, and sit back as multiple professionals in that field bid for your contract. You get to choose who you want for the job. You do not always have to choose the lowest bidder, but you get to choose who is best for your particular project.
Even well established webdevelopment companies can bid for a project if the project is large enough for them. is the market place for everyone. No one is excluded. Register now and try it out.
It is an exciting way of getting things done.


Develop your dreams

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  • Troy says:

    Cool logo, where did you get it done?

  • Thanks Troy,
    The logo was done in house.
    If you want something done just hit up DNoptimizers I am sure you will be impressed.

  • Jamie says:

    I’m glad you made the change Frankie. I didn’t understand the domain choice either for what the site offered.

    Do I like the second choice coming from a domainer…? Not so much either. (Just being real)

    As domainers know, DN is for Domain Name, besides that group and it’s not that big, not many know what it is. Optimizers is not the easiest to spell, Optamisers, Optimisers etc.

    So choosing the second name (an abbreviation with a hard word to spell)should of been thought more about also.

    Domainer to Domainer, just trying to help.


  • Jamie,
    You are right, only domainers know what DN means. Well this service is for domainers. But should a non domainer want to go to, they are welcome to. We will meet them at the site.
    The same goes for DNoptimiZers, or even they will all fwd you to
    I am one of the biggest bad spellers around so spellability was taken into consideration. No matter the name you choose, some people will still fall into an invicible crack. We are hoping that will be a minor percentage.

    I had a panel vet this name. 3 Domainers who where labelled as experts and 6 other everyday people.
    By a point system. We picked
    It is no longer easy to get a domain name so if spellability is the only problem this name has then I think we have a clear winner here.
    Thanks for your opinnion though, It is greatly appreciated.

  • Jamie says:

    Good deal Frankie. I’m glad you covered all bases with the domain! Now my only question is why the Pure focus on only Domainers… lol

  • Domaining is the future and domainers hold the key. As domaining becomes main street, what we consider as being peculiar to domainers alone will actually become mainstreet. By the time things like DN will matter, main street will already know what it means.
    Now to really answer your question, I really want a place where domainers and there interests are catered for. Domaining is an industry in its infant stage. All you have to do is imagine the future.
    Now if you want something done, you will be dealing with people who understand the demands of this industry. You dont have to worry about your project being buried in a mountain of other projects.
    It gets the attention it deserves. For the Developers out there, DNoptimizers gives them the opportunity to profile their skills and talents and to harness and fine tune those talents to perfection.

  • One more thing Jamie
    If you type dnoptimisers into Google this very moment

    Google will ask you if you mean DN Optimizers
    and if you click yes,
    Guess who is #1
    Thats right !

  • Nice change. The good thing about having the ‘DN’ in the name, is that is brands that niche. Anyone can go to eLance and post projects for anything and everything, but it’s nice you’ll be focusing on projects specifically for the domain space. Best of luck!

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