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The best Webmaster and Domain Forums in the World

Like I promised, for most of this week I will be posting what I believe as best in the world. Best in the world to me is usually based on research and documentation but mostly on personal experience. At the bottom of this post you will find a listing o f the top 20 webmaster forums in the world.

I have listed them here for statistical purpose but I am point out a few salient points that  I think the modern day domainer should be concerned about

For a newbie domainer, I am about to recommend a forum I do not even visit that often anymore but I believe it is a good place to start. It is more like kindergarten but the knowledge you will get here, however  rudimentary will help you throuugout  your domaining career. It is also worthy of mention that the people at this particular forum are much nicer and your idiosyncrasies will most likely be more tolerable here than the top domainer forums listed below.

The forum is managed by Afternic. Spend at least 3 weeks here, do not buy any domains until you have read most of the important post in that forum. Do a search on a fellow called “Danielr” and read as much of his posts as you can. This will prove to be invaluable information as you grow in your domaining career.

From I will recommend A lot of players in this forum. It is very active. Less tolerant but by now  you should know your right from your left. I am a platinum member at DNforum. Don’t worry, the best time to upgrade is when they have a sale and hopefully it will align with when you have just made a sale so you don’t even feel the pinch. It is a once in a lifetime payment so it shouldn’t hurt much. Remember you do not have to pa y to be a member. A lot of big players frequent this forum and it is a rather very informative forum.

NamePros is like the name says is where most of the big player like to hang out. It has a rather vibrant market place.
Has a boutique feel about it, some say it is more classy. I think it is heavily moderated. If statistics alone are used as a measure, NamePro  is the top domain forum in the world edging out DNforum in Alexa  and compete ranking

Overall as a webmaster, digital point is the best, it offers everything and an unbelievable knowledge base for all,

So her it is the final verdict

Digital point (Best webmaster forum in the world)
NamePros (Best Domainer forum in the world)
DNForum (My personal best Domainer forum)

TOP 20 Webmaster Forums in the world.

Num Website Alexa Category
1. 938 Webmastering
2. 1,867 Webmastering
3. 2,199 Webmastering
4. 2,419 IT
5. 3,551 Blogging
6. 4,203 SEO
7. 5,628 Web Development
8. 6,877 Webmastering
9. 6,901 SEO
10. 7,220 Domains
11. 7,434 Domains
12. 7,637 SEO
13. 7,764 Blogging
14. 8,141 Web Hosting
15. 9,282 Web Development
16. 9,368 Webmastering
17. 10,781 Webmastering
18. 16,479 Affiliate marketing
19. 17,987 Affiliate marketing
20. 18,589 Web Hosting

Non of the links here if any is an affiliate link. I have not been compensated in anyway directly or indirectly to write this post. As of the time of this post I have a paid sticky post on DNForum. I did not ask nor was any discount given to me. As of press time I do not have any personal relationship with any of the owners of the forums listed above.

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