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The Best Registrar in The World

Almost every domainer who has been through 4 seasons of domaining already has a favorite registrar. While I have not sampled all the registrars, I have however tried most of the popular ones over the years. I think I probably started with Network solutions at 70 bucks or 35 bucks a domain, I can’t really remember now. From network solutions, I remember being with, no this is not a joke, It is a real registrar for real. From Joker, I have some how ended up at enom and have tried GoDaddy, Fabulous and 1 & 1.

Let me start from the worst. I did not have a good experience with one and one. Nothing dramatic happened but I just totally hate their interface and never really fell at home there.

A lot of  domainers use Godaddy but I must tell you that I am not a fan. I still have 2 dot info domains there because I have transferred everything thing else to either Fab or enom. I especially loath the inconsistency of their pricing structure. One dollar today 18 dollars next year. Not cool. Also I dislike all the offers you  are bombarded with while trying to register a simple name. Not cool. It reminds me of the gas station near my house that asks me about 5 questions including if I need a car wash. I just want some gas, make it snappy!
While there interface is not bad, I have however seen better.

Enom is one of the most customer friendly registration interface out there. Simple and with a lot of useful tools for free. Fwd, url redirect and what not are all bundled in for free. They are also easy to navigate. One of enoms strongest point is its stability with price. You know what you are going to be paying at any giving time. Price is also one of there biggest downfall as they are not always the cheapest and will charge you 3 percent for using paypal or credit card. Not cool!  Wake up enom.
In spite of all this, I feel safer and most relaxed with my enom domains but enom just did not make it as the best registrar in the world. Maybe 4 years ago it would have been but things are different now., Well what can I say this is fast becoming a really cool place for the domainer. If you want to register a .com .net or .org, Fab is the place. There price is not always the cheapest but at least it is consistent just like enom but without the 3 percent fee. If you park with them you can also pay with your PPC earnings. There interface is simple and easy to follow. There support is as good as it gets with a registrar. Overall all I have to say is good things about Fab. I know some of you do not even know that you can register your domain names at Fabulous. You need to check it out.

I hereby confer to the title of “The Best Registrar in the World”

PS: I have not been compensated in anyway to write this review. At press time, this page was published without any affiliate links. I currently have 1 domain registered at one and one, 2 at Godaddy, some in Fabulous and the rest at enom.

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  • Patrick McDermott says:

    “and will charge you 3 percent for using paypal or credit card.”

    Charging the extra 3% to use PayPal is a violation of PayPal’s Terms.

    Credit Card companies don’t allow it either. That’s why many gas station companies used to give a discount if you used cash.

    They could discount the cash payment but not charge extra
    for credit card payments without running the risk of getting turned in.

    Someday you may want to look at and

    You’ll find very easy to use control panels and pricing
    is reasonable.

  • Patrick
    I actualy search for names a lot of times using
    However in two occassions where I actually wanted to register the name in question. Their price was always higher than either Fab or enom. Dynadot, that has been around for a while hasnt it? I have so forgotten about them. I dont think I have ever used there services either.

  • Patrick McDermott says:


    For quite some time Name was offering domain registrations,renewals and transfers for $5.99 with free Google Apps, Privacy protection, etc.

    They often run specials but since you loathe price inconsistency that won’t have any appeal for you.

    Dynadot offers better pricing than their regular pricing
    once you spend $500 in a year or pre-load $500 in your account.

    What I like about both these Registrars is the ease of using the Control Panel, pushing domains, bulk management, etc.

  • Patrick,
    I am sure this Registrars offer great service. Which is why I started by saying that every seasoned domainer has his favorite. I really tried to love but the price was only good if they were having a sale, otherwise the consistent price of enom or Fab always trumps it. While I do not expect either you or I to change camp that easily, I invite you to test drive enom reseller pricing or Fabs standard pricing and interface.
    Prepare to be impressed.

  • Patrick McDermott says:


    I use Enom and Fabulous and Moniker and GoDaddy,Name,
    Moniker and some others.

    I am an opportunist and I often follow the deals.

    This allows me to reg, renew and/or transfer domains I may not have regged, renewed and/or transfered otherwise.

    Domains that I really want to keep I reg or move to Fabulous or Moniker.

    Both have great security.

    Moniker’s customer service has gone downhill according
    to many domainer’s experience but if you have domains
    at Moniker you can offer them For Sale thru SnapNames without paying a fee.

  • I see,
    You are on top of things then. Moving domains about drives me nuts. I just moved some names away from Godaddy because I plan to keep them. If I could move all my domains at once, they will probably all be in Fab.

  • I wouldn’t trust GoDaddy or anybody else with my most valuable assets. Their policies are wacky.

    Stick with Moniker or Fabulous :)


  • Gina says:

    Frankie! How can you not mention NAMECHEAP.COM, my absolute favourite Registrar!! XXXXX (love them)

    Interface simplicity, Policy Transparency, BEST 24/7 LIVE SUPPORT ever! I could go on & on… ;-)

    And boy, do I ever agree about (Yuck, they are in your face every second you spend on there). You get lost between all the ads swimming between your account settings.

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