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Nature Calling: A case of bad branding?

One of my pastimes is perusing the local flea market. I have also convinced my wife that it is a fun thing to do. Due to a sports injury, I often simply ride around the flea market in my truck instead of walking. This last weekend as I was making my rounds as I call it, I stumbled upon a booth that baffled my imagination. Parked behind the booth was the most tricked out SUV (customized) I have seen in months. This one had it all, 22 -24″ rims, Chromed out with all the works. I could not even readily tell the make of the SUV. It was very eye catching and on it was a big flourecent green logo and the words “Nature Calling” written under the logo. I tried desperately to figure out what it was all about especially since I saw some neon jerseys with the logo being sold. I could not stop because there were other vehicles behind me.  I asked my wife to please help me write down the name as I drove on. Since then till now I have pondered what this Nature Calling  was all about. Was it a health food store? a Clothing line? A bad to the bone custom auto outfit? Everything but the obvious.The reason I write this post is because I am a strong advocate of  the 15 mile/hr rule which states that while travelling at 15 miles per hour, I should be able to decipher your company name and link it to a product without much ado. This particular sign failed because it did not even have an url.

Just before writing this post, I did a search on Google for nature calling and behold the most likely result

Nature’s Calling Inc. is a Charleston, South Carolina-based portable restroom and waste removal company with twenty-five years of experience.
Of course now the name makes sense but who was thinking along that line. Perfect domain name? Immaginative I will say. 
 I still wonder if this was the company I saw at the flea market. I am also not sure if it was Nature’s Calling or Nature Calling that was written on the tricked out SUV.
The moral of this story is to think carefully before you name  your company or you could be mistaken for a crap company :D

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