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My Two Hand Regs from the Superbowl

This is by no means an analogy of the Superbowl. I believe most of the bloggers have already done a superb job and blogs like DotWeekly has already gone in depth into the area I am usually  most interested in which is the ads.

This is just  to tell you about a little domain I purchased yesterday morning.  Call it predictive domaining, call it anything. Hopefully I made the right choice.  They are

100Ktalents (dot)com 


Yesterday morning I wrote the domain name on a piece of paper and showed it to a  couple of non domainer buddies.  I asked them if they will remember the name tomorrow. One of then said something remarkable “yes but only because  have seen the ad  more than  10 times already” I was like ‘Dude” this was not the name  you saw, this name was just registered a couple of  hours ago. You heard it referenced in ads but this was what stuck in your head.

Oh I said I was not going to talk about the Superbowl but I could not resist. How effective are the GoDaddy ads really? I wonder because I still have people who watched the Superbowl still asking me where to register a domain name. hmmm!!!!
I told one “” and he was looking for a sheet of paper to jot it down– really I am not making this up.

You will be amazed how uneducated the outside world is about domain names.

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