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My First Check From Indeed

Good day people. Have you received your check for the qauter yet? When I got home yesterday, waiting for me was an envelope from Yes it is finally here, my very first check from Indeed. I thought it will never come, for most of the time until recently I had ignored the revenue since it was just so little. However recently I added the required tax information which made me eligible for the next round of payments.

Now lets not get carried away. This is not a big check especially when you consider the fact that Indeed only pays quarterly. Somehow my biggest excitement is that I have seen a progressive revenue increment from the site that generated the Indeed cheque over the past few months. It is possible that the state of the economy might have helped my earnings somewhat.

So how much was the check ? Two hundred ninety-nine dollars and eighty eight cents. ($299.88) Not bad but I am hoping for more and better revenue in the near future.

Revenue is from September 2009 to June 2010. The bright side is that my Indeed revenue for the month of July only is currently at $56 as of the time of this writing.

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  • Jay Lohman says:


    You might want to check into some other domain development or monetization options like,,, etc. @OFrager is putting on a big developers discussion today, so other good info will be shared there, too.

    keep rollin’

  • Jim says:

    Do you mind telling us which job boards you won. Did you develop them yourself?

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