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Is your website writing checks it can’t cash?

Here I go again. I am sure you are wondering what is this leading to. Well stay with me here. I recently had a site developed. Hearing dogs(dot)Com. I felt the need to add a “for sale sign” on the website so that people will know that the site is also for sale. It reads “HearingDogs(dot)com is for sale” Well well well, will you believe I have gotten a good couple of requests but not for the domain name and site but for hearing dogs. Yes requests for hearing trained Scooby’s!. In case you are wondering,  hearing dogs are specially trained dogs for the hearing impaired. A couple of days ago I had another  $700 dollar offer for you guessed it, a hearing dog.

These offers don’t bother me what bugs me is the stories  they come with. I do not know if I can take it anymore. The stories of this people just breaks my heart and I feel even more pain that I cannot do anything for them. There is information on the site on how to get a hearing dog but apparently the waiting list is so long that they are trying to get it from me. I have tried to contact the owner of the .net who claims to breed and train hearing dogs but got no response. The .org is where the waiting is at.  I can not  donate the domain as it is an integral  part of my pet portfolio.  Short of becoming a breeder myself, I don’t know how else I can help.

Anyone have such or related experiences?

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  • I heard this tip from the guy who runs Collect all those requests. If you are trying to sell that name, you can just use it as proof to a buyer of how the right domain names buys you targetted customers. Then they’ll see

  • What you need to do is set up a contact form where people can request info regarding the purchase of these dogs. Then you sell the leads to places local to the visitor that sell these dogs. Don’t miss out on a great opportunity to make some cash.

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