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I Want Two of Your Best Domains

I am asking my readers to submit 2 of your best domains if you will. For a period of two weeks I am going to insert them into the Featured Domain marque at the top of my side bar. I will also publish them in  “DNoptimizers – The Blog
You owe me nothing. Like I mentioned in my post earlier this year, one of the things I am working on in 2009  is “gratitude”.  If  gratitude was important to Christ then it is a virtue I have to make a conscientious effort to master.  I know it is no biggy but it is my humble way of saying thanks to you my readers.
The rules are short and simple.
Rule #1 Domain must be a .com
Rule #2 Must not be a domain your grammy will not want to visit.
Rule #3 All domains must have selling price.
Rule #4 All submitted domains must be accompanied by your name, your email address and must match the whois record.

Only 4 simple rules. If your domain sells in this period, Like I said you owe me nothing but feel free to donate to my favorite charity which for now is me. :D

In all a little more exposure never hurts a domain name. Use the form below to send your best 2 domains. To leave a regular comment please use the form below this one or click on the comment icon below this form.

Lets domain!

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