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How I Quit My Job in 61 Days

Have you ever wondered how people make the leap from 9 to 5 working  for someone to 24/7 domaining? Have you ever wondered what goes on in there mind before the decision to quit there job and right after they actually quit? Have you ever wondered what it takes to quit your regular job? Well I met CleverlySlick about 2 months ago in the forum when he declared to the whole world that he was thinking of quiting his job. I kept tap on him and when he finally did I cornered him for a guest post. This is the story of a man who thinks he has had enough and have decided to take the bull by the horns like a valiant matador, defying all odds. This is the story CleverlySlick in his own words.

Thanks for your interest in my story. I will explain how I made this leap from 9-5 worker to 9-9 domainer. That’s right. I put 12 hours (sometimes more) a day as a full time domainer.
I have to. I quit a job that was sure to bring in a check every week to speculate (or should I say gamble) on domains so I have to put extra effort to make sure my son has the food and clothing he needs ALL THE TIME. So why did I do it? I had to because I was just seeing no future where I was working at. I was a Rail Car Technician for 5 years of my life, and for 5 years turning bolts and nuts I felt empty. Everyday it was the same repetitive things and really the only people making the monies was the company. This company makes an estimate of about 5-6 million a day selling trains.

I was only making $17.50 an hour. I would get paid on Fridays and by Friday evening after stretching the money to pay bills and buy food for the week I only had enough money to buy me a $12 bottle of rum and transportation money to go to work and come home. In 5 years of dedicating myself to that company physically and mentally, made a total of $1.78 in raises.

When I discovered domaining I thought to myself “the world is shifting toward the Internet so this has to be where the money is”. So I started studying, reading, learning and talking about domaining everyday. From 2005 until 2008 I was just studying and reading what people had to say in forums without saying a word to anybody. I had absolutely no money to invest in premiums so I started registering domains that I thought would be valuable in the future either for myself or for others. This happened late 2007. Every Friday I got paid I would set aside $20 to register domains (and of course my $12 bottle of rum) this went on for about a year. 

In October of 2008 I decided to grow some hair on my chest and start trying to sell domains. ALL of my domains are hand reg’d ( registered) so according to the domainers in the forum, I can’t get much for them. I started calling businesses and getting rejected (sometimes even cursed at) and emailing and getting rejected. By late October I got 2 inquiries about these particular domains that I reg’d. Both of my domains fetched me figures in the low to mid $x,xxx. All this did was swell up my head even more and that’s when I started to give this domaining hustle a serious thought. On November I received another email for a domain that I hand reg’d and they offered me $xxx for that was an adult related domain.  That’s when I decided I’m going to quit my job and domain full time because this has a lot of potential if I dedicate myself more to it. So by January 9, 2009 I quit my job and now domaining full time. Since I quit my 9-5  job, I’ve had four successful sales for nice profits.

A lot of people have told me I’m nuts for quitting my job in such troubled times and sometimes I catch myself questioning the same thing. But if I don’t do this for myself I will never know for sure if it would’ve worked. Besides I go with my gut instinct and only trust my own judgments. I know I will not fail at this because persistence is key to perseverance and I believe that’s what a lot of us Americans have lost, is the knack to be persistent and go out there and make those sales and get the job done no matter what.

It doesn’t matter if your selling domains or lemonade, be persistent and don’t give up and you’ll eventually close a deal. Don’t let other tell you how worthless your domain is. Decide that for yourself through trials and tribulations. I’m still learning about choosing the right names to sell to businesses and end users and resellers. This industry is similar to the stock market where you have to constantly stay on top of trends. And when you want to make a sale, do it with confidence, persistence and I promise you will persevere. I haven’t made it a goal to become a millionaire from domaining. If it happens it happens. But I will be successful according to my means of success.

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Here is the advice I gave cleverlyclick about two months ago on DNforum where I post as “idealer”

Before you leap.
It is always a good idea to get your side job which in this case is domaining take care of your smallest bill first, then your smallest bill and the next bill, by the time you make enough to pay all your bills and then some, that is when you can actually rationally begin to think of quiting your day job. I also have a new daughter and I appluad your confidence.
No matter how bad the economy is, I take solace in the fact that over 90% of the employable are still employed so that is not so bad.
Seek God first before you make a decision with your life

To  see how cleverlyclicks story started visit DNforum (The thread is already linked) There you will read over 4 pages of advice mostly telling him not to quit his job and why it is a bad move in this economy.

Please feel free to comment or just send words of encouragement below. If you have any story that you think will be of interest to our readers please contact me and you could be the next guest poster. Also if there is a topic you will want me to post about, let me know also.

Have a great  Superbowl weekend. It is not a sin to drink but God does hate drunkenness. If you must drink, drink moderately.

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  • Kudos to CleverlySlick and I am in the same boat.Cheers

  • Good Luck!

    I too have been considering domaining full time but I often wonder can I pay all my bills?

    I have other businessess and they do well but I dont know if I could focus more time away from them onto domains?

    Still I wish you luck and I hope you go to become a great domainer!



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