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How a link request turned into an offer to buy the domain

I am yet to make meaning of all this while I write this post. Once in a while, I try to add one or two links to one of my websites. I know you are supposed to do this more often and not once in a while however other commitments sometimes means I am not always able to seek out quality link exchange partners for my site.

I installed a link directory on Petmemorial(d)com sometime last year but stopped short when I finally decided to redesign the entire site. That redesign is currently in progress. What you will see now when you visit the site is simply a functional place holder for the real deal that I hopefully will unveil before the end of the year.  A couple of days ago, I added a prominent industry website to the directory and proceeded to contact its owner for a reciprocal link. Instead of  a reciprocal link, I got a reply with the following question;

Frankie would you like to sell the domain?

Funnily enough within 24 hours of linking there site, I got an order enquiry for there site, the customer instead of following the link, decided to contact my site instead, thinking we were the ones selling the product. So I initially ignored his purchase enquiry and instead forwarded the customers email to him.

He replied thanking me for the referral and again asked if I will consider selling the name.

After the usual chain of emails synonymous with domain deals, he failed to deliver a persuasive offer, In other words, I have been offered more in the past for the same domain name. So I am still the proud owner of PetMemorial(d)com and heavy development is still on the way behind the scenes.

  This domain receives a lot of offers ranging from the ridiculous to the “I hope he will sell at that price cos that is all I can afford”. This offer falls around “this is what I think I can pay for the domain”,  He also claims he never researched the name but he just likes it.  One day this guy will wish he had bought this domain. I am almost certain of that especially with the current development on the way.

The future is looking good!

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  • Nice post, do you own the plural or singular for this .com domain? The singular seems to be a site, the plural a holding page.

    I own the same domain (PetMemorials) but in .ca – good for targeting the Canadian market, if you think there is a partnership opportunity let me know.

  • The one with the site is mine (Singular)
    Sure we can always do something

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