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Fabulous offers FREE privacy protection to its customers

Now here is a pace setter. I totally dig this news. It is not often that a registrar gets it but it seams fab does. When last did someone especially a registrar go out of there way to give you something for free?

When all this go into place, Fab accounts will probably be one of the most protected in the industry.

Below is part of the email in my inbox this morning from fab.


“Additional Account Security

As you will no doubt realize security on the Internet is paramount. Fabulous has always strived to be leading edge when it comes to protecting your domain assets and as part of our ongoing efforts we are implementing an additional level of account security; Introducing the Fabulous Security Key.

The Fabulous Security Key is an innovative USB device that provides additional levels of security to sensitive areas of your account. Sections of your account that can be protected by the Fabulous Security Key include:

  • Sales
  • Transfers
  • Name Servers
  • Pushes

With one touch, it sends a unique one time pass code, ensuring that these actions are only performed by the authorized holder of the Fabulous Security Key. The Fabulous Security Key is an additional authentication mechanism that is used in conjunction with your account password.

If you are interested in using the Fabulous Security Key, let your Account Manager know and they will arrange to have one shipped to you.

Whois Privacy

By popular demand, Fabulous is now offering Whois Privacy Services. Rather than your private information being displayed anytime someone does a whois lookup, domains using our Whois Privacy Service will return unique details to protect your personal information.

Every domain using our Whois Privacy Service will be given a unique identifier and all email and phone messages related to your domains will be automatically redirected to you. What’s the cost to use Whois Privacy? Nothing! You can protect all your domains at no additional cost. *

The Fabulous Security Key and Whois Privacy Service will be available as of July 1. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact your Account Manager or myself.”

This is cool.
Have a great day everyone. The weather man says we are going to roast today  in SC

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  • Richard says:

    I would agree the key fob is pretty kewl (not the first ones to do it of course) and there are other registrars that have offered a Privacy whois service for free for a LONG time…. nice to see Fab is catching up.

  • As I have said many many times before, is by far-and-away THE best registrar on the planet. Not only is their interface fantastic but their people are responsive, trustworthy and accountable.

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