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It is old news now that went to a partial membership system.  Well before that happened or should I say before it affected me or  best, before I was aware that it affected me, (Yes you guessed it right, bloggers “gots to pay” too for the premium service) I was already thinking what I am going to do about the whole thing.
The fact is even though legally belongs to Cybertonic, it i s still ours, it is our community, we are domainers and is us. So how does one become a good member of the community ?, they help the community grow in anyway they can. So I decided I will feature one domain name every month for the next year just to support my community.  Almost immediately I made that decision, I got a reality check, I was involved in the pay or no deal show. Yes bloggers got to pay too (At least this one has to). No free loading.

I just paid my$25  membership and I feel good about it. I am proud of it because this is our community. We need to do everything in our power to make it grow. A lot of infrastructure has been put into this site not to mention man power to get it to its present level. The site reflects  all of us.

It is often argued that anybody can do what does, I have even somewhat subscribed to that thought but I have also visited some of the stuff put together by other parties and I have this to say ‘ Not Good enough”
Sorry but that is my candid opinion.

Some people say why pay for something you can get free. To you I have this to say, “I can read reviews free online but I subscribe to “Consumer Reports” because I believe in them. I can read stories in “Best Life” online but I subscribe because I think it is a decent  mainstream magazine that needs to be encouraged.

It is not just about the blogs, it is not just about the featured names and who sees it first or next. It is about being part of a community. It is about belonging. It is saying I am a domainer and I support and her efforts.”

Things are tight and times are hard but if you put your mind to it, you can spare the $25 bucks per year for something you believe in. Remember “He who watches the wind will not sow and he who looks at the clouds will not reap” Ecclesiastes 11:4

Lift your head up imagine this is going to be your best domaining year ever , sow a seed of hope, pray and never stop working hard towards your goals. Always believe in the magic of  your dreams. 
Yes you can, yes we can. is now

Develop your dreams

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  • Well said Frankie.

    In order to grow any industry or organization, you have to embrace it.

    Credit reports are free to consumers as well, but this does not stop millions of consumers from paying/using sites such as to acquire their credit reports. It is the level of service that it is delivered that brings the true value to this service.

    I have visited all the other sites as well that have launched to counter While I applaud their efforts, they do not compete with services and infrastructure. Basic as can be.

    Many said it was easy to do, yet the ones who have done so have failed to produce the same platform. I mentioned this in the past as we are developing into the same kind of platform for development. It is not easy to do as flawlessly as Cybertonic has done it.

    It takes resources and a talented team to do the job right. will continue to grow because of the dedicated professionals who support the community.

  • John says:

    I’m going to begin using another website. There is no reason that I should have to give personal information to read publicly available blogs.

  • Patrick McDermott says:


    How do you feel about having to pay to list domains
    For Sale?

    This is in addition to a 10% commission if domain sells.

  • Patrick, is our CNN
    I love the fact that we have to pay this way the site is not flooded with useless names. You often ask yourself before listing, will this name sell, what are my chances?
    So to answer your question directly, I dont mind and that is why I had planned to list once a month and trust me due delligence will be employed before listing so that if the name does not sell, I know that at least I had put a good foot forward.
    Now if the name sells, I am sure one will be happy with 90% of a sale rather than 100 percent of a name that one might never have the opportunity to sell

  • Francois says:

    Regarding the contact info we now ask:
    In fact any site with a membership use to ask this minimum information, it was an exception.
    Now we want become also a safe marketplace it’s a requirement. For example we need this info to can create an transaction in the fly when a “Buy It Now” is clicked by a member.

    Regarding the listing fee (let me copy/paste what I already said in another blog):
    – All we want free promotion for our names for sale.
    – All we think our names are the best: we rarely accept the critic and often overvaluate them.
    – All we prefer make money with our unwanted names and keep the best ones.
    For these reasons the result when you accept to feature names at no charge is:
    Much more garbage submitted, with a higher volume that probably we could not satisfy and with unreasonable BIN prices.
    In others words: More work, more members complaining, and less sales.
    The idea behind the listing fee is try to refrain these negative points responsabilizing the domain seller.
    Now between the theory and the reality there is a gap.
    Probably the listing fee is still insufficient as I am obligated to cancel some listings and fight to have BIN prices decreased.
    The next that is going to be implemented is a realtime calculation of domain metrics of the submitted name.
    Basically the BIN you could set should be capped based on the domain metrics.
    This I hope should allow to propose better priced domains and maximize sale chances.
    If this happen then we could decrease the current maximum listing fee from $20 to $10 or even $5.

  • I dont see the issue people are having with sharing there information.

    I havent paid my $25 but Im not really looking to buy domains at present but I think I shall pay my $25 to ensure stays alive!



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