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2010 spending $6 Million monthly on advertising

So is spending $6 million monthly on advertising, my question is where is my share? If  the name is new to you then a few lines of  intro will be in order. Boo coo means a large number or huge amount. Boo coo is originally  from the French beau coup. It was brought to the United States by retuning Vietnam war veterans who heard it from the heavily French influenced Vietnamese. ( Boocoo is an online auction site much like ebay.  While not particularly a fan of ebay, hence I have hoped for a strong competitor in this field. I was so excited when a couple of weeks ago, in between study breaks, I picked up my local newspaper and saw a full page ad by boocoo auctions.  Part of the news paper ad read

             Boocoo may be the new online auction in town, but we have
             Partnership with over 300 media outlets across the country.
            That ‘s an audience of 22 million with $6 million of newspaper,
            TV and online advertising support monthly. With no fees 
until you sell, you can try it risk-free. See how we put the awe .
          back in auctions

Boocoo has a long way to go if ebay is its target. For starters, the site looks, well cheap. Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with the site but with a monthly budget of 6 million USD in advertising, I think I would have come up with something that would have dazzled the world. Perhaps to dazzle the world is not the goal, sometimes there is magic in simplicity.  But in boocoo’s case, is it so over symplified that it might end up being ignored? I however think that the no fees until you sell is a brilliant idea and if they succeed, might pose a big problem for ebay. What is missing is there own PayPal or shall we say BooPall.

What would you do differently if you were boocoo? I personally would have tried to find a way to get lots  of cheap products for starters, maybe concentrate on one niche for a period and hopefully it spreads that way. Taking on a giant like ebay is not easy even with $6 million monthly ad budget. Maybe some of those dollars would have been better spent on affiliates. Remember, Paypal became immensely popular by bribing us with $5 bucks per referral in he early days.  I have already registered for a user account, you never know what I might want to sell some day. Like ebay I like to say I was one of the early adopters.

By the way if you did not know the meaning of the name prior to reading this article, would you have considered it a good name? Do you still think it is a good name even now?

I think it is somewhat confusing to spell, at least in the beginning. I hear someone saying, much like Google.

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  • Mr NoBody says:

    BooCoo is a poor brand name, with that kind of money behind them they could have bought a memorable name like ..or

  • Robert S says:

    The figure of $6 million monthly spend on advertising is pure fiction. You might as well claim that your internet website is worth billions considering the cost of building the internet infrastructure…

  • Robert,
    Hard to say, but remember a full page ad in the Post and Courier (Sept 30th 2010) is not exactly peanuts. If that is duplicated in other states…, you see where I am going with this.

  • Dean says:

    While I think Boocoo is a good name (it has a nice ring to it) and offers many branding possibilities, I think trying to launch an auction site that even remotely competes with E-bay is absurd and an uphill battle that none will win no matter how much is devoted to advertising.

    The thing is that brands like E-bay, Google, Amazon are so deeply entrenched in the internet that they almost are synonymous with the services and products they offer. At best you could hope to find a niche that you could corner and specialize in. Not trying to be a bummer just realistic.

  • Felix says:

    for me the site redirects to google…money well spent

  • Dean,
    Dont forget, there was a time Yahoo might have seamed impossible to summount by Google.

  • Jim says: redirects to google

  • Jim,
    I noticed the site was having problems yesterday when I wrote the post. I thought at the time it was the fault of my cable connection. I was however able to access it but it took a while to resolve. So much for $6M.
    After writing the sentence above, I tried accessing the site and I found it without any problems. Is it possible you might have missed one o, or added too many in the spelling? It happens.

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