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Behold the interim look of PetMemorial(dot)com

Going from a free site to an adsense site may not be much of a challenge but going from a free/donations/ adsense site to a product based site is not so easy. As some of you know, my designers and programmers have been working on PetMemorial(dot)com for some time now. Design wise they are 90% done but when it comes to  functionality, we may still have some extensive tweaking to do. Well I took the time this weekend to give the site a face lift. We have often referred to the old site as the functional place holder of the real deal. I think I will call this one the interim place holder of the final site.

What you see now is nothing like what the actual site will look like. This is just me playing around but with a purpose. One of the main purpose of this interim look is to gradually introduce some of our product line to our audience and graduallygauge peoples enthusiasm to different types of  colors, products, and product lines.

One other advantage of the interim site is that it gives me the opportunity to gradually begin to build my product descriptions and gradually get them into the search engine while I wait for the final site. Also because I have something really functional now, I am at liberty to allow some lax time for my coders and designers in hope that this will in turn mean a better site in the end.

My wife thinks the interim site is very catchy but we both agree that the final look which we have both seen a draft of is more professional. For starters most designers agree that text on colored background is not really the best you can come up with for a site. However right now, we are simply trying to juice things up a little. Who knows people might even prefer the dark look.

If you are currently working on a site, how can I help you speed things up?  need advice or something? What do you think about the interim look? If you are a pet lover, what would you like to see implemented in the new site? if you have ever lost a pet, would you consider dropping a few lines in PetMemorial(dot)com, you never know who your simple words might help out of an emotional jam.

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  • Paul J. Kapschock says:

    The 1st thing I would do is get rid of the dark background and white lettering on black…get everything lighter.

    I had to leave the one page after 5 seconds because it hurt my eyes.

    If you are using a css system, should be easy changing colors.

    Now, once lighter design…now you can concentrate on the design…which is very nice overall.

    Lighten everything up, then revisit for comments.

    I understand you may want “dark” for funeral/memorial needs or wants…but…..after a while, I want my pet to find the light!

    Best of luck,

  • curvee says:

    Your website put me off, the design is woeful , sorry to use that language but if you want to use the website for business, I must suggest that the website should be neat and cool to the eyes instead of muddle everything up.

    You really need a good revamp of the site. Best of luck

  • Alan Dodd says:

    The site looks nice to me – but I am not an expert.

    The issue seems to me – which of these wordpress themes convert? Which have a proven track record, rather than being a guess.

    The other day I heard WordPress “does not convert”. True? False? Where is the objective, hard, cold, evidence!

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