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Bailout for the domain industry?

Seriously, since every industry is going for a bailout, we might as well propose and apply for one. The economy has dealt us multiple blows. PPC has declined or vanished in some cases. Infact I have recorded a few days now with 0.00 earnings for the day from PPC.

To make matters worse, the landscape is becoming tougher for domainers with legal actions and what not. If you have a really good name, you might want to trademark it somehow and tie it to a service  or one day, some company with a lawyer and a dream could just be after your domain. We have seen even our industry greats fall prey so this is no longer exclusive to cyber squatters.

I say we propose a “Domainer Bailout  Fund” to Congress, who is with me?

On a more serious note, while this post was intended for humor, It is imperative that we as domainers start finding and getting our own lobbyist in Washington. If no one is there for us when the laws are passed, more than likely, the laws will be against us.


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  • Patrick McDermott says:


    This is NOT a joke.

    The Porn industry wants a BailOut too!

    Because Adult Entertainment and porn DVD sales are down both Larry Flint(Hustler magazine) and Joe Francis (Girls Gone Wild) are lobbying Congress for a $5 Billion BailOut.

    They claim the porn industry accounts for tens of thousands of jobs as their justification.

    This was in yesterday’s New York Daily News.

  • Patrick,
    I know about Mr Flint and the other guy. I saw the news too yesterday. I just did not want to give there cause any more publicity.

  • Scott says:

    Not that I’m defending the pr0n bailout, but the pr0n industry is credited with thousands of jobs and strongly drives technology innovations. Past examples are streaming video and video compression.

    There would be no YouTube without the pr0n industry.

  • I read in November that GoDaddy, eNom and Network Solutions asked Congress for bailout assistance.

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