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Are We the “We” Generation ?

I was watching CNN yesterday like most people. I however did notice something interesting. I noticed that a lot of the ads on TV now centers on these themes ” We, Together”. Everything seams to be community oriented and how you can make the world a better place by getting involved. Notable mentions are the following ads, Starbucks ad, I rate this ad excellent for imagination and originality. Pretty cool ad. Pepsi also had something going with the Slogan “Every generation refreshes the earth” Then there is the clean coal people, the MedicAid people , the Responsible Energy Use people and so on and so forth.

Well as a domianer, if this is the direction the world is going, by the world I mean USA in particular, then it bewho’s me to get involved on a domain level. My point is how does this affect us as domainers? A couple of days ago I read in a blog about the sale of, that is the kind of thing I am talking about.

I do not want this “We” thing to pass me by.

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