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An Encounter With an End User

Each time I have a brush with a potential end user, it is always exciting, When that end user is the Executive Vice President of a Multi-Million dollar Company, excitement reaches a whole new dimension.
Last weekend I was introduced to a gentleman who  is the Executive Vice President of a multi-milion dollar  company. Some of there products deal with defense and other high tech stuff. After all the pleasantries, he gave me his business card. The domainer in me took over immediately. I noticed that the URL of there company is (LLL substituted for actual name) so I asked why not and his reply was simple “We don’t need it that bad”

When it was convenient I checked to find that was being used but not by his rival. The interesting thing was that is parked and still available for sale but they made no move to purchase this name. His company actually goes by LLLGroup so why add “The” to the URL instead of spring for

Here is the body of this post.
Most end users still do not care. Most will add “The, Go, Our, Now, My ” or whatever comes to there mind rather than spring for a name. Look at our biggest registrars (, )

This is not the first time I am seeing this type of scenario.

The end user just does not care for domains as much as we do.

May I add that this particular end user did not have his company URL on his card. I deciphered the URL from his corporate email on the card.

My question is why don’t they care? What can we do? This  particular end user is no novice to domains, he is even aware of the prices they command but just feels they do not need it that bad.

I must  add that I do not own any of the names referenced.

Have you had any experiences like this?

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  • I have not had many encounters with end-users, but they do not know the value of the domain you are trying to sell then. I can understand your situation, the company was developed and has been using that domain for some time i imagine. So why would they change.

    Domains are only good to end users trying to get into domaining or trying to start out a domain but there are the few developed businesses that purchase domains that are linked to there product they have or are building.

    I guess some buy and some do not care.

  • Yes. In recent weeks I have been targeting companies with hyphenated domains, 2-3 word .net/.biz/.org domains, and brand names which do not describe their product or service. The response after more than 300 letters thus far has been practically nil and these names are NOT priced for thousands of dollars. One response I did receive perhaps summarizes it well, “…what we have already (a two-word .org) is sufficient…”

  • Michael says:

    They don’t know the value of domains because we are not educating them. We should be explaining the power of type-in traffic to businesses every chance we get. When he said “we don’t need it that bad” you should have jumped on him and told him he can’t afford not to own the, and explained to him why. Every time we accept a lame excuse for why a business is fine with a crappy reg-fee domain, we are hurting ourselves and our industry.

  • Micheal,
    I wish I could agree with you but ironicaly, not everyone needs a killer domain. If you are the only surgeon in town, your name does not have to be easy to pronouce. This guys company definately did not need the LLL though it will look nice. What I do not understand is why they did not get the since that spelt there company out.
    Believe me as hard as it will be for us domainers to accept not everyone needs a killer URL. This company I assure you does not need or desire type-in traffic.

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