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Good day people. It is probably months now since my last post. Initially it was due to school but recently it has also been due to a medical condition. I am alright . Approximately one month ago I had a hip resurfacing surgery. Over 4 years ago, I sustained what at the time seamed like a sprain while running at the beach. This later developed to pain so unbearable I had no other choices but to choose between a hip replacement surgery and a hip resurfacing surgery. At this very moment, I am somewhat off crutches and can move around almost freely. All that remains of my old pain is a six inch incision scar.

I have always been a prolific web shopper but when  you are home and cannot move much, Internet shopping takes a whole new meaning. There is one thing Amazon does that I still do not understand how they pull it off and still make a profit. For $79 a year you get to join the exclusive “Amazon prime” this means that whatever Amazon sells with the Prime symbol on it gets shipped to you for free with 2 day shipping and for an extra $3.99 you get it next day. Amazon has become my number one shopping site especially around birthdays and holidays. No matter how late I procrastinate, I can always surprise my nephews and nieces with presents that arrive just on time. Last fathers day, I ordered a wrist watch on Friday 7 PM EST and it was delivered on Saturday 11 AM  and I wore it to church on Sunday at 10.30 Am. How do they do they do it? I don’t know. Sure there is FedEx next day but how does a big company like Amazon manage to cut to the chase and package and ship products with such efficiency? I believe  this singular factor will help pioneer Amazon to a level its rivals will not dare dream of.

I have one or two websites that deal with consumers directly or that have in the past. I am always thinking, how and when do my sites get to the Amazon shipping status. First and foremost, I have tried to ensure that no product stays with me longer than it needs to once it is paid for. This is a start. If you are concerned about speed, note that FedEx ground will beat UPS ground in speed almost all the time and for about the same price.

Was this post really necessary? Well we are all domainers, some of us are webmasters, yet all of us should study and master the secret of the Amazon success because I believe it can be applied in almost any web business.

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