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A good name is better than great riches

The title of this post was lifted from Proverbs 22:1 NIV  “A good name is more desirable than great riches….” How true this is with our present economy. We are currently in a recession and every economist knows that to right this economy, the Government will try to infuse some funds into the system which will lead to a period of inflation. If everything goes well, they will be able to balance the economy with time otherwise your guess is as good as mine.

Though King Solomon was talking about about someones character and legacy when he penned the good name  phrase but how true it is for us domainers when we substitute ” domain name” for “name”.

A good domain name will survive the recession and inflation and come out ahead eventually. You could have lost all your money in stocks recently (I am not knocking stocks- I own some)  but if you have one good domain name, its value will only get better with age. Domains they say is like fine wine, the older they get the better they become.

If you are smart, you will be going into stealth mode which is what I consider as thinning out your domain to the best ones. You need to do this quick so that circumstances do not force you to loose your great names prematurely. Any fruit tree that does not bear fruit should be cut down ipso facto any domain that is not pulling its weight needs to be re-evaluated. You need to go through your portfolio and try and remember why each name was registered. If  it is not bearing fruit, has its time passed or  is  its times yet in the future. This will help you decide which to keep and those to cut loose. This is not the time to be wasteful, it is just 8 dollars I know but 8 multiplied by 100 suddenly becomes $800– Oh the power of zero!  Time to let go of those midnight half baked registrations.

I started this post with a saying from King Solomon the wisest man ever. Now lets forget domains for a moment and think about what Solomon really ment.
In your quest for wealth, have you forgotten who you are? have you forgotten who’s son or daughter you are? If you died today will people welcome your kids because they have known you as such a great person or would they wish them bad because you were such a back stabber or terrible individual. What legacy are you leaving behind? Are you stepping on everyone below you as you climb the corporate ladder or whatever ladder you are currently climbing?

Are people genuinely happier because they  know you?

Stop and think.

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